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Wedding Theme Ideas - Custom Designed InvitationsYour wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Something that both of you have been looking forward to for a long time. Adding a wedding theme into the planning stages of this incredibly personal event is a bit of a non-traditional option, but I think you'll find that a wedding theme can tastefully accent your wedding day without overpowering it. A wedding theme also puts guests at ease and makes for a more relaxed occasion that your guests will find comfortable and fun. By selecting a truly unique wedding theme for this momentous occasion, youíll guarantee that your wedding celebration will be an event to be remembered by everyone in attendance.  

A wedding theme is a reflection of the coupleís personality and gives guests a sense of what you as a couple are passionate about. Whether one or both parties is a die hard fan of a sports team, a theater enthusiast, a movie buff, or simply fascinated by a particular time in history, their wedding day is the coupleís chance to share that passion with friends and family in an elegant affair that's simply accented by these personal touches.

As a couple, you'll want this day to be a true reflection of who you are. But it's important to feel confident about your choice. Once you choose your wedding theme, the rest of the planning efforts will fall into place naturally. Our site is a dedicated resource for couples planning to select a unique wedding theme. The following suggestions and ideas may help you determine how to move forward with plans for this important occasion in your life. What you'll find below is a list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Opportunities are as endless as individuals, so feel free to create your own theme and look to this list of wedding theme ideas for inspiration.  

Gothic or Vampire - Donít feel pressured about using white for this occasion. If your style is more of a gothic look or you love all things vampire, share your passion with pride with unique touches of black and red throughout your wedding. This is your day. Show your personality with confidence. Even if it gives your guests chills, itíll be a memorable event and it will be all about you.

Sci-Fi - If you canít get enough of Star Trek or Star Wars and your heroes include characters from "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away", create a truly unique atmosphere that reflects your zeal for all things sci-fi.

History - Enamored by a certain time in history? Bring your wedding day back to those times. A Victorian or royalty-infused era will make your wedding seem like a fairy tale. Or if youíre more of a groovy type, you can flaunt the flower power motif throughout the wedding for a special touch.

Hollywood - Whether you're obsessed by a classic or one of the latest blockbusters, let your imagination run wild with a movie theme for your wedding. You can turn your wedding into a red-carpet affair with all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood or you can focus on your favorite movie.

If you canít decide on one movie, and you love organized crime movies, for example, incorporate the look of American Gangsters or Italian Mafia throughout your event. Or, if you're crazy about Western movies, weave in the Western theme for a unique atmosphere. Cowboy hats and boots with touches of equestrian motifs will give your wedding a unique touch.

Broadway - Turn your wedding into a musical, incorporating one or more popular Broadway shows into the ceremony or reception. Your guests will love the unexpected musical elements and special effects you can include throughout the event.

As you can see, wedding themes are endless. From festive carnivals to space exploration, or for those seeking a more down-to-earth feeling such as a nature or beach wedding, there is no limitation to the experience you can create for this special day in your life.

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