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Personalized Event Ticket Invitations

Your wedding invitation is the most important component of the wedding planning process. It's your opportunity as a couple to make a first and lasting impression on your guests and set their expectations for the wedding theme. Couples who decide on a football theme might find it fitting to create a wedding invitation in the form of an NFL football ticket featuring their favorite sports team's colors and a personal photo.  At we pair you up with one of our supremely talented graphic designers to create a one of kind wedding invitation. 

Our wedding invitation package is unique, featuring our tri-fold ticket holder, that is specially designed for each sport.  This trifold is the key feature of our wedding invitation package that makes your invitation stand out from all others.  You guests begin the invitation experience by opening the envelope to remove  the trifold.  Once the trifold is opened, they find a separate ticket inside along with your message inviting them to your sports themed wedding.  The Trifold is depicted on our website showing both the inside and outside cover of the design, which is different for each sport.  The ticket inside is fully detachable and features a perforated RSVP ticket stub.  Whether you wedding theme is baseball, football, hockey or basketball, we have a trifold design that suits your needs.  This wedding invitation package can also be modified for Bat and Bar Mitzvahs.

Deluxe Wedding Invitation PackageWedding Invitation Package
Our Wedding Invitation Package includes a custom designed event ticket style invitation, packaged in a more traditional-looking wedding invitation trifold.  Included with the ticket (Dimensions: 6 1/2" x 2 1/2") are a full color trifold ticket holder (Dimensions: 13" x 7"), a pre-printed (black ink) invitation envelope (Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 5 3/16") and a pre-printed (black ink) RSVP envelope (Dimensions: 5 1/8" x 3 5/8").   We provide everything you need to send out your wedding invitations.  All you have to do is stuff the envelopes, fill in the address of each guest, and attach postage.

Football Wedding Ticket Invitations

Football Wedding Invitation

Our football wedding invitation includes both invitation and RSVP envelopes along with the full color trifold ticket holder.  For our football version, the outside cover of the trifold features the color scheme of your favorite football team while the inside opens up to reveal a football field on the left hand pane, the invite letter in the center pane, and two opposing helmets on the right hand flap.  The ticket invitation itself is a separate ticket with a perforated stub that attaches to the left hand flap over the football field.  Once the invitation is open, your guests detach the ticket, tear off the perforated stub and send it back to you in the RSVP envelope.

NBA Basketball Themed Wedding Invitation

Basketball Wedding Invitation

Our Basketball wedding invitation features a basketball court hardwood floor design on the full color printed trifold ticket holder.  The ticket holder folds in three with a hardwood basketball court in the left hand pane and the invitation letter from the bride and groom in the center pane.  The right hand flap rounds out the design with a backboard and rim in the upper right hand corner.  The wedding ticket invitation is custom designed to match your favorite team colors and is attached to the left hand pane over the basketball court.  Upon receiving the invitation, your guests simply detach the ticket, rip off the RSVP stub and return it in the RSVP envelope.

Football Wedding Ticket Invitations

Baseball Wedding Invitation

Our Baseball wedding invitation package includes everything you need to send out your wedding invitations.  The trifold ticket holder is a unique way to deliver your wedding ticket invitation.  The baseball design features a grass field on the outer cover accented with a center stripe in the colors of your favorite ball club.  When you guests open the trifold, it opens to a scene from inside the stadium.  The wedding ticket invitation is affixed in the center of the left hand panel and the center panel is reserved for the invitation letter from the bride and groom.  The right hand panel form a flap to close the invitation.  Both the invitation envelope and RSVP envelop are included.

Ice Hockey Rivalry Themed Wedding Invitation

Hockey Wedding Invitation

Our hockey wedding invitation is a great way to announce your special day to the world.  It feature a full color printed trifold ticket holder that presents your custom designed wedding ticket invitation in a way that will thrill your guests.  The outer cover of the trifold is designed to look like the ice surface of a frozen pond with a center stripe emblazoned in team colors.   When opened, the inside of the trifold brings your guests inside of the arena.  Your ticket with perforated RSVP stub is attached to the left panel.  The center panel hosts the bride and groom's invitation letter and the right hand flap closes the invitation.  Both the invitation envelope and RSVP envelope are included, so you have everything you need to send out your wedding invitations.