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Sports Themed Save-the-Dates

Custom designed event ticket save the dates Save-the-date cards are used as formal declarations for the date of your event. These cards often serve as the first official announcement of your wedding, informing guests that they are invited. You can think of save-the-dates as a pre-invitation to your special day. Most importantly, save-the-dates let your guests know what date they should keep free well in advance of the actual date. A set of ticket style Save the Date magnets can help set the tone for your wedding day as well. Customized save-the-dates, usually involving a personal photo of the happy couple have become an expected courtesy and a standard part of wedding planning and preparation.

As a general rule in wedding planning, save-the-dates are typically sent about six to eight months before your wedding date. Sending these save-the-dates increases the chance that your guests can attend your wedding by allowing them plenty of time to block off your wedding weekend. They also provide your guests with adequate time for making travel arrangements and asking for time off from work if necessary. Timing is critical, if your save-the-dates are sent any later than six months in advance, you might as well send out the wedding invitations; if you send the save-the-date any earlier than eight months, you risk it get tossed aside as guests think itís too early to plan for an event so far in the future.

When addressing save-the-dates, itís good to be clear on who is invited to the wedding in advance. You should only send save-the-dates to the people you want to attend your wedding. Include the actual names of each guest on your envelope, along with whether or not they can bring a guest; this cuts down on any confusion or assumed invites. Save-the-date cards should provide an adequate amount of time for families with kids to make child care arrangements and for people coming in from out of town to book their hotel rooms, flights, and rental cars taking advantage of the lower rates that come with advance planning. Even if some guests have already mailed you their RSVP, it is still polite to send them a save-the-date.

Custom Designed Event Tickets

At our talented graphics staff can create custom-designed, ticket-style save-the-dates tailored to your favorite sports team (football, basketball, baseball, hockey of college). Specifically designed for each couple, our custom sports themed save-the-dates and save the dates magnets give you the opportunity to personalize your wedding by incorporating an interest that is common to both of you, while sharing it with your guests. How better to further personalize your wedding than by sending out custom sports themed save-the-dates to accompany your sports themed wedding?

Our save-the-date tickets are similar to our wedding ticket invitations with a similar look printed on full color card stock. The difference between these and our wedding tickets invitations is simply that these tickets are designed with the save-the-date information. The wedding ticket save-the-dates also come with a perforated stub to fall in line with the admission ticket theme. Our line of Sports Ticket Save-the-Dates can be printed on full color card stock or on a refrigerator magnet if preferred. A Save the Date magnet is a clever and fun way to help your guests remember to save that day, so they are sure to attend. If interested in pricing or looking to place an order, be sure to indicate whether you prefer your save-the-date printed on card stock or on a magnet.

All of our save-the-dates are imprinted with a monogram logo that's typically designed in the shape of a football, baseball, hockey puck, or applicable sport ball. These monogrammed logos take the place of the professional sports team logos that canít be reproduced due to licensing restrictions. In order for our design team to make unique save-the-dates suited for you, there is certain information that weíll need. This information includes the photograph that you want to use, your return address and number of save-the-dates required. We also need to know whether you want your save-the-dates printed on refrigerator magnets or on card stock. Be sure to order your save-the-dates far enough in advance so that youíre able to send them out between six and eight months before your big day. Our process typically takes six weeks starting the day you make the initial deposit. Feel free to e-mail us for more details. Upon receiving your custom save-the-dates, all that's left for you to do is to stuff envelopes, fill out the address of each guest, attach postage and then put them in the mail!