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Birth Announcements and Baptismal Invitations

Sports Themed Baby Announcement TicketsAre you a big sports fan who recently had a baby? Our custom crafted sports themed Birth Announcements or Baptismal Invitations let you include your favorite team in all the excitement of presenting your newborn to the world.  Share the joy with your friends and family by sending them a birth announcement in the form of a custom-designed sporting event ticket or let us help you design the perfect invitation for your baby's christening. Is there really anything cuter than a baby dressed up as a sports fan? Photograph your newborn next to a baseball glove or holding a football, wearing your favorite team's colors. Let the world know that, not only did you have a baby, but that you have a little sports fan in the making! 

Birth Announcements
Celebrating the birth of your new baby is a big deal, so why not let us personalize your announcements by incorporating your favorite sports team into the design?  Our birth announcements include a digital photo of your baby along with his or her name and birthdate. You can choose to include the names of your child’s godparents on the part of the ticket that's usually reserved for the RVSP stub (for invitations) or add information concerning a christening or dedication ceremony including the date, time and location. If you do choose to have a reception after the ceremony, we can customize the birth announcement ticket to include a perforated RSVP stub.

Planning Your Baby’s Baptism or Christening Ceremony
Consider creating a custom birth announcement that not only lets the world know about your new blessing, but also serves as an invitation to your baby’s christening ceremony. Want to make your child’s entrance into this world even more memorable? Try planning a sports themed Baptismal ceremony and reception. Numerous steps are involved when planning a baptism or dedication, so here are just a few.

The first step in planning your baptism is to set a date. Most babies are christened anywhere from a couple of months to a year after birth, so once you decide when it's a good time to christen your baby, deciding on a location is the next step. Call the office of your local Church or place of worship to schedule a day. Remember that most ceremonies take place either during or after a church service and the slots fill up quickly so it’s good to call at least a month in advance, so that you’re able to book the date of your choosing. As soon as you’ve decided on a date, you’re now ready to send out your customized invitations. We can help by designing a sports themed baby announcement that also serves as an invitation to your baby’s christening or baptism ceremony. Our talented graphics arts staff can tailor your invitations to include the date and time, along with location of the ceremony. Sports themed ticket announcements can also be printed to include a perforated RSVP stub for reply purposes or they can simply be printed without the perforation.

If you’re interested in celebrating your baby’s special day with friends and family, consider having a reception afterward. This gives parents the chance to celebrate their baby’s baptism, while also introducing their newborn to friends and relatives in a fun social setting. If you're going with a sports theme, the reception can be decorated to match your team of choice. If the reception is somewhere more formal, such as at your place of worship, you can still find ways to incorporate your sports theme. Here are some suggestions to make the day fun and unforgettable:

  • Use tablecloths, plates and napkins in the colors of your favorite team.
  • You can create centerpieces incorporating both your baby’s special day and your sports team.
  • Have a custom made jersey for your newborn to wear at the reception.
  • Serve your guests traditional sports-type foods such as hamburgers or wings.
  • Instead of a traditional guest-book, use a blank jersey and a permanent marker.
  • Make or order a sports themed cake.

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