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Planning a Sports Themed Bar Mitzvah

Sports Themed Bar Mitzvah InvitationsTrying to settle on the right theme for your son's bar mitzvah? After all those years of Hebrew School, hours spent practicing Torah, and, of course, time spent going to friends' b'nai mitzvot, you want to be sure that the bar mitzvah celebration for your son is a memorable one. A sports themed bar mitzvah is a great way to celebrate both your son's accomplishment as well as his interests.

Planning a sports themed bar mitzvah includes coordinating everything from invitations to the party venue and location and favors that represent your son's favorite sport, team, or even a combination of sports. Once you settle on a bar mitzvah date, begin scouting for locations. If you are planning a baseball themed bar mitzvah, consider holding your son's bar mitzvah celebration at a baseball field. Most professional or minor league ballparks have event areas set aside that overlook the field.  A catered event at a professional sports venue will make for a memorable day.

Even if your are celebrating your son's bar mtizvah with a more formal reception at a reception hall or hotel ballroom, you can still make it clear that it is all about ice hockey, basketball, soccer, or another sport. Sports themed centerpieces can be elegant or funky. Use your centerpieces to tell your guests which table they are sitting at. Create custom printed hockey sticks or baseball bats to showcase your table numbers as well as to emphasize the theme of the bar mitzvah party.

Make it clear to your friends and family that they will be attending a sports themed bar mitzvah well before the big day by using customized sports themed invitations. Invitations that look like sporting event game tickets are a great way to set the mood for your son's bar mitzvah and our line of wedding invitations and programs can be tailored to the needs of your son's bit mitzvah invitation.  Holding an NFL football themed bar mitzvah? Use your son's favorite NFL team as inspiration for a bit mitzvah theme he will never forget. Your guests will talk about this bar mitzvah celebration for years to come.

Custom printed sports products are a great way to give your son's friends a party favor that they will enjoy using. Give them custom printed ice hockey pucks, baseballs, or even foam footballs to take home. Give the deejay inflatable "thunder sticks" to keep the party moving. Here are some other great ideas on how to make your son's sports themed bar mitzvah memorable:

  • Have an ice sculpture in the shape of your son's favorite sports team's logo. It will make for a great attention grabbing centerpiece, that pulls the theme together.
  • Instead of serving only stuffed mushrooms and other standard hot and cold appetizers before dinner, work with your caterer to design a sports themed menu. For example, you can have peanuts and Crackerjacks if you are holding a baseball themed bar mitzvah.
  • Skip the guest book in favor of a blank NHL hockey jersey and black permanent marker for your son's friends to sign.  Order the team's away jersey in white and frame it to hang in your son's room.
  • If you live in an area where college basketball or football is popular, see if you can arrange for a few of the players to attend the party.
  • Have a team mascot or two on hand during the party to provide for a unique photo op for your son and his friends.
  • During the candle lighting ceremony, your son can call each "player" and his or her number.

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