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Sports Roses

Baseball Rose Bouquet from SportsThemedWeddings.comChoosing to have a sports themed wedding will be a fun and unique experience for both you and your guests. However, pulling off a fun, yet elegant wedding can be an arduous process. You want to convey your theme, but you do not want to overdo it. By accentuating your special day with simple sports themed details, you can show your love of the game, without taking the spotlight away from you and your spouse. Our product line of Sport Roses can therefore be both a unique and fun detail to add to your wedding day.  

Baseball Rose Boutonniere (Boutineer)Sport Roses can be used in the place of any floral decor you have in mind, from single stem roses to stunning bridal bouquets or boutonnieres.  The petals of these handmade roses are carefully crafted and stitched together from the covers of baseballs, basketballs, softballs or footballs to create a wonderful, one-of-a-kind addition to your special day.  Our roses can also make a glorious addition to your wedding reception centerpieces. You can use our unique flowers exclusively throughout your wedding or opt to accent your floral bouquets or centerpieces with a few Sports Roses mixed in with your traditional floral arrangements. Incorporate our Baseball Roses into your bridal bouquets, if you are die hard baseball fans, or if you share a passion for all sports, include all varieties into your wedding day floral arrangements. Whatever you choose, your guests will appreciate your ingenuity and the importance of your connection to your favorite team.

The groom will be beaming as his bride walks down the aisle carrying a spectacular bouquet of Sports Roses. The groomsman will surely get a kick out of their Sport Rose boutonnieres (boutineer), and no guest will want to leave without taking home your Sport Rose centerpieces, which will serve as a treasured memento from your wonderful day.

Unlike traditional flowers which wilt and die within days, your Sport Roses will last forever, providing you and your husband with a precious reminder of the first day of your new lives together. Years down the road, you will glance at your Sports Roses (either Baseball, Basketball, Softball or Football) prominently displayed in your home and smile thinking of how your wonderful life with your spouse began.

Sports Roses are the perfect way to tie your shared love of sports into the first of many exceptional days together. You are starting off on a new life that is sure to be unique and special. Make sure your wedding is an extraordinary day and start it off with a home run by enhancing your wedding decor with these beautifully crafted and unique Sport Roses. Your friends and family will have no doubt that you are the biggest fan of your spouse to be.

Many of our customers order Sports Roses Boutonnieres for groomsman, pairing them with our ball leather sports cufflinks for an elegant, coordinated look. Sports Roses are also purchased by many of our customers to accent bridal bouquets, wedding cakes, and wedding reception centerpieces. We recommend ordering the Sports Rose Corsage Stem for these types of DIY projects. It's our most cost effective option that allows for the adaptability you may need when designing your sports themed wedding decor.