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Western Themed Wedding Ticket InvitationsWeddings are, undoubtedly, one of the most important events of a lifetime. Most traditional weddings tend to focus on colors, guest lists, and the usual choices, such as the location, the cake, and the wedding dress. Many couples, however, are making this special occasion that's truly unique by focusing on a theme that breaks away from all tradition and is a reflection of the couple’s passions or hobbies.

Deciding on a non-traditional one-of-a-kind wedding may actually be a good indication of the couple’s compatibility. Some might even consider it a sign that the marriage will last. After all, if someone finds a partner who agrees with a fairly unconventional wedding theme, such as a vampire, gothic, or a gangster-style wedding, chances are he or she has found their match in life.  we've already covered
many of the Sports Themed Wedding options, but beyond sports there area multitude of other wedding themes that a couple might choose to peruse.

If you have reached that point, you are now ready to proceed with the wedding of your dreams. And one of the most important elements of a wedding is the invitation. The invitation will set the tone for the rest of the event and will give guests an idea of what to expect from this important life milestone. It’s what will determine the first impression for friends and family and it’s the perfect opportunity to share what the couple is passionate about.

Customizing a wedding invitation and program to suit the needs of a couple, regardless of their wedding theme, is really easy and the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing those key elements into printed media for your wedding theme idea. Themes are as unique as couples and with wedding invitations and programs by you can let your creativity flow.

If your passion includes sci-fi or futuristic movies such as Star Wars or Star Trek, you’ll want your wedding day to be “out of this world” starting with an appropriately custom designed invitation. Whether you’re envisioning a galactic background in "a galaxy far, far away" or deciding "to boldly go where no one has gone before", our wedding invitations will focus on the design, language, and colors to make this a truly unique element for your special occasion, and will serve as inspiration for the rest of your ceremony and reception planning . From the cake to the attire, once the invitation and program design is complete, all the other elements seem to fall in place.

Other themes might include a historical event, just like your own history-in-the-making wedding. The wedding invitation and program might portray a proclamation from the founding fathers of the United States, or other important times in history, such as the Civil War era.

Or you may opt for the more festive theme such as a Brazilian or Caribbean carnival. Setting the tone with a carnival mask-inspired invitation would be an option.

Themes focused on a cultural period, such as the Renaissance era, or another elegant epoch would give your wedding a special sophistication for a truly distinctive wedding.

Or if you can recite The Godfather scene by scene, creating an invitation and program for your mafia-themed wedding is now easier than ever. Gangster – or any other type of movie fans can easily turn their wedding into their favorite movie themes.  For a couple that loves going to the movies regularly, there are a lot of possibilities for a movie theme wedding.

Can’t get enough of Halloween? Make it a Halloween wedding for a rare and exceptional event your friends and family will remember forever.  With our creative staff of graphic artists the possibilities are endless.

Animal lovers, on the other hand, may want to include their favorite non-human friends in every aspect of the wedding, starting with the invitation. Equestrian wedding invitations, for example, are ideal for sharing a couple's passion for horses. And if you can’t get enough of the ocean and think you were a marine animal in a previous life, make a statement – or should we say a splash – on this special day.

So let your creativity flow. Let your wedding be a unique, one-of-a-kind event. And let us help you set the tone with our special invitations and programs that’ll help create that first impression for a memorable day.  Try some of these ideas for inspiration in planning your themed wedding:
  • The Score: If your wedding theme is movies, such as Star Wars, Star Trek or the Godfather be sure the make the movie score a prominent part of your wedding day.
  • Costumes:  If you're going all out for your wedding theme, every great themed wedding has to include costumes, at least for the bridal party.  You might be looking at vampire teeth and makeup or Starfleet officer uniforms from Star Trek, Klingon Warrior garb or pinstriped zoot suits, maybe Jedi frocks if you're a Star Wars fan.  Be creative and let your inner Geek shine.
  • Decorations: For movie themed weddings, reception tables can be named after the couple's favorite movies with centerpieces that pay tribute to each film.  Movie reel film canisters can be purchased on E-bay and crushed red velvet seat covers can really set the mood at the reception hall.

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