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Planning the Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Sports Themed Wedding Ceremony IdeasTake a moment and picture your most ideal wedding ceremony. We're guessing from your visit to this site, that your perfect wedding is a sports themed wedding. When we decided to have our sports themed wedding, we found that there was surprisingly very little information available to us. We scoured the internet and wedding magazines to no avail.  We simply could not find a single, solid sports themed wedding resource. So after putting a significant amount of time and energy into researching all the different aspects of this particular theme, we decided to put the information and ideas together into an interactive sports-themed wedding website. Our goal is to make sure that dedicated sports fans who wish to include their favorite sport in their ceremony and/or reception will now have a one-stop resource for all sports themed wedding ideas and suggestions. Please see our pages on cakes and centerpieces to get you motivated and get those creative juices flowing. We encourage other sports fans, who have had, or are planning on having their own sports-themed wedding, to write in and share your ideas. Please feel free to send in your photos and tell us what you did to make your wedding ceremony and reception reflect the love of your favorite team.

The Wedding Ceremony

Hockey Themed WeddingIf you are planning to incorporate a sports theme into your wedding ceremony, you're most likely looking for the perfect match of the somber and silly; something that's elegantly unique. You're looking to have this ceremony showcase who you and your loved one are, as a couple. Sports are obviously a big part of your life, so whether you spend your Saturdays watching hockey, or your sick days watching the action behind home plate, this is who you are and you should be proud. It's all too easy to choose the traditional service, with common vows and overplayed, universal melodies. Take this your one chance to make your wedding ceremony everything you want it to be. Make it completely you, completely personal and feel free to share with us some of your unique ideas and photos for a sports themed wedding ceremony.   We'll happily add your thoughts and photos to the site.

Here are some Ideas to get you started:
  • Have your bridal party dressed in team colors or wearing actual team jerseys
  • Arrange to get married at a Pro Stadium or Arena (50 yard line, Center Ice/Court)
  • Create a customized red carpet and backdrop for your wedding party (
  • Call the local golf course and ask to be married at the 18th hole
  • Walk down the aisle with a sports announcer providing the play by play
  • Skip up the aisle to the tune of your favorite fight song
  • Have the ring-bearer could carry your rings atop a basketball, football, catcher's mitt, or other piece of sporting equipment.
  • Create a customized Save-the-Date refrigerator magnet to send to your guests.
  • Serve peanuts or popcorn for guests "in the stands" as you take your vows
  • Carry a game ball instead of a bouquet
  • Play a slideshow of photos with you and your partner at your favorite sports arena
  • When it's time to kiss the bride, have a firework display onscreen or the sound of the goal buzzer going off
  • Decorate your limo or car in teams colors
  • Instead of cans, have the logo of your team's most hated rival dragged from the bumper of your limo
  • Instead of throwing rice, have guests wave giant foam fingers

The Wedding Reception

NFL Football Themed Wedding CakeThe sports themed wedding reception is something to be respected. This wedding not only features your romantic love, but represents the friendship you two have built and your love of the game.  Guests will really appreciate the thought and effort you've put into your unique theme and will be pleasantly surprised by how much fun a sports themed wedding can be.  Choosing to have your reception incorporate this love of sports really opens up the way you think of a wedding. There are so many more options- both fun and cost-effective that you might try. We've put together a list of some ideas you may enjoy or that you may want to incorporate into your own sports themed wedding reception.  Feel free to use our pages as a resource to help find ideas that might inspire you. Also, please feel free to submit your own sports themed reception photos so that we might showcase your ideas/photos and offer a more well-rounded resource with for like-minded sports fans.
  • Your entire bridal party might enter through your their own personal "tunnel"
  • An announcer can call out each "player" and their position as you enter the hall
  • If possible, have a team mascot on the dance floor for a special song
  • Leave blank footballs out so that guests can sign them for you to have as a keepsake
  • Use a blank white jersey as a Guestbook and leave a sharpie near by
  • Place baseballs at every place setting- and you & your new spouse can sign these for your guests
  • Serve a cake that pays tribute to your team
  • Serve foods typical of your game day experience
  • Use team logos to adorn your hall
  • Instead of throwing the garter, kick a soccer ball inscribed with your wedding date
  • Drink champagne from Lord Stanley's Cup as you toast your marriage



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