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There are a multitude of references available online to help you in the planning of your sports themed wedding. Some of them are very informative and some of them will be a waste of your time.  Based on our experience, we are keenly aware of how precious a commodity time can be when planning your wedding. To better serve you, we have complied a short list of our favorite wedding websites that are sure to be helpful in the planning stages of your sports themed wedding.
This website is the best of the best. Here you will find many helpful tools, links, and checklists. This is sure to become one of your most-visited websites. They have information on every aspect of your wedding. This amazing site comes equipped with a guest list tracker, budget planner, and an online registry. Here you can find reputable information on wedding gowns, bridal party dresses and hairstyles. They also offer solid information on wedding rings, reception halls, caterers, flowers, and honeymoon destinations. This is an A+ website where you will find any and everything about weddings. We highly recommend taking advantage of their free registration and all the advice, ideas, and suggestions they have to offer.
This website is an excellent resource for all things wedding. You can customize your own wedding webpage and get informative details on wedding dresses, honeymoon planning, and wedding bands. They offer top notch ideas on ceremony planning, wedding flowers, cakes, and music. They also offer a registry guide to aid you in building a customized registry that you & your sweetie with both happily agree on. They have a helpful wedding etiquette guide that helps you to handle some of those sticky situations with grace. The DIY ideas are classy and have step-by-step instructions for you creative types. We suggest checking out this website and feel it’s a highly valuable resource for any wedding, regardless of theme or budget.
This website is a community-based site. It personalizes your searches by location, making it easy to find vendors and facilities in the city of your choice. Within a few clicks, you can be transported to a page with helpful information on where to find bridal wear, music, ceremony sites, reception halls, floral arrangements, Officiants, and much, much more…all within your chosen zip code. Instead of pouring through the yellow pages and researching endlessly through websites looking for a vendor to suite your needs, in your city, check out this website and let the work be done for you.
We stumbled on and were very impressed with what they have to offer. They are loaded with truly unique and elegant DIY ideas. We really love their “how to” videos on making some of these DIY crafts. They have a list of “generators”, to help you write a wedding toast, pick your wedding flowers, or coordinate your wedding party colors. They also have a wedding budget planner built in. They have many interesting articles and monthly tips. You can also sign up for their monthly newsletter. This website was voted “Best of the Web” by Forbes magazine.
We are loving this website’s Idea Gallery. They have a vast gallery of ideas on bride & bridesmaid dresses, hairstyles, jewelry, accessories, rings, invitations, cakes, flowers, meals/drinks, guest favors, your registry and so much more. They give the bride-to-be tools to research and track hired vendors. They also offer the couple the capability to build your own wedding website (for free) and share it with your family & friends. This website also allows the couple to manage their budget, to-do list & their guest list. It seems to have it all.
This website is at the top of our list for finding great vendor reviews. They boast over 10,000 vendors, each complete with many reviews by real brides, grooms and guests. They also have community boards so that you can gush, vent or ask advice of other brides. They have many DIY ideas & a large gallery of excellent wedding photos. We also love that this website offers a classified ads section, which is rarely seen on wedding websites despite the fact that everyone’s looking for a great deal.
Check out this site! They have the traditional makings of a wedding website with a checklist, budgeter, vendor tracker and guest list manager. However, they also offer a guest “seating” arranger and allow you to track your registry through their website. (Timesaver!) Another unique feature of this site is that it provides times & locations of bridal shows in your area. They give a huge selection of song ideas for your special day, broken in to categories such as processional, mother/son, last dance, cake-cutting, etc. They also include a “Deal” section. This section gives the couple a list of their local vendors that are offering discounts and deals at any particular time during your planning process.
This website is just for your wedding vows. Got a case of writers block? No problem! Check out this site for inspiration to write your own amazing wedding vows, or to “borrow” someone else’s great ideas. They have their vow ideas broken down into sections for easier navigation. You can choose vows from categories such as traditional, Christian, modern, funny, romantic, celebrity, etc. etc. They seem to have something for everyone. This is a great resource for those of you that prefer to have your wedding vows go beyond the old “for better or for worse” standby.


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