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Get Organized

Getting organized is the quickest way to manage the typical wedding planning stress levels.  One this page we'll take you through some of the up front things you'll need to manage on your way to planning the perfect sports themed wedding.

A Place for Everything:
We suggest starting with an empty binder or notebook, possibly with your favorite sports teamís logo on it, and dedicate this book to the wedding planning. You can use it to keep track of brainstorming ideas, magazine clippings, business cards, etc. Log your receipts, meeting notes, and handouts in this binder so everything is kept in the same place.  Once you've established this book to track and hold your wedding details, you are ready to begin.

Itís a Date:
Deciding on a date for the big day is one of the very first things you need to nail down. This is the date youíll be celebrating your anniversary on every year. Donít worry much about trying to accommodate everyone on your Christmas card list.  No matter which date you choose, it will inevitably conflict with someone and there's nothing you can do to help that. Set a date that works and will be meaningful to the two of you, and take into consideration the time of year that your favorite sports team plays in to work around or with game day scheduling.

Money Matters:
Set a budget & vow to stick to it. Setting your budget early in the game will nip those pesky financial arguments in the bud and leave you with a little less stress at the end of the day. You should both be willing to negotiate, compromise, and go into this with reasonable expectations. Although this day may become the most special day in your life, itís still just one day.  So temper your expectations with a little common sense.  Youíre going to want to have some extra cash to go on a honeymoon with, invest in your home, or invest in some season tickets. The last thing you want to do is start your marriage deeply in debt.  the best piece of advice we got was that to assume that whatever you spend on you wedding is gone.  Your wedding is not a fund raiser, you will not recoup this money in monetary gifts from your guests so plan accordingly.

Making it Official:
Call and set up an appointment with your Officiant. Youíll want to give him or her as much time as possible to get to know and understand what it is you're looking for as part of your wedding ceremony. Depending on your relationship with your Officiant, this may include non-traditional mini-ceremonies, and/or cultural traditions and customs.  Your Officiant may need time to research and become more familiar with your wants and needs. You can ask them to tastefully sprinkle in references to your favorite sports team throughout the ceremony as well.

When & Where:
Look to as many options as possible to find the perfect location for your ceremony and reception. Many of the nicest places book up rather fast, so you may need to make arrangements up to a year in advance to get the place you want. Donít forget to arrange a date for your wedding rehearsal and make reservations for you wedding rehearsal dinner. We also suggest contacting the stadium, arena, of ballpark thatís home to your favorite team to ask if they allow wedding parties to come in for photos. Whether you can or cannot get into a stadium, start putting together a box full of team logo-ed items to use in your photos.

Itís for Posterity:
Start shopping around for a Photographer and/or Videographer. These will become your memories, and will be what you have to look back on long after youíve tossed the bouquet or removed the garter.  Be sure to find someone with references and a portfolio, who has photographed several weddings. Having your nineteen year old neighbor with a professional-looking camera shoot your wedding may sound cheap and tempting, but trust usÖthis isnít the area you want to be frugal in.  Be sure the person you choose is open to your non-traditional wedding ideas, and is willing to work with you to include items in photos that reflect your sports themed wedding.


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