Sports Themed Weddings

How to Place and Order

So you've decided that you want your special day to include a sports theme and you're interested in having a custom wedding invitation package, a custom wedding program, or both made.  Your wedding ticket invitations and wedding programs will be among the most unique your guests have every received.

With that said, we're more than happy to assist you in placing an order.  Begin by going to the individual product page and click on the "Get a Quote" Post-It.  Fill in the information requested and one of our representatives will follow up with a quotation.

Once you have received your quote and you're ready to place an order, go back to the individual product page and this time click on the "Place and Order" Post-it.  On this page you will find instructions for placing an order with  Download and fill in the appropriate order form.  Each order form is an editable Microsoft Word file that can be saved to your PC and e-mailed to us when it is complete.  These order forms include all of the information we will require to create your custom order.  Before submitting the form, be sure to include any digital photos we might need to complete you order and send them all at one time via e-mail to info[AT]sportsthemedweddings[DOT]com.  Follow the instructions included in the e-mail from us to submit your 50% deposit to begin the proof production process and please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have at any time. 

Our design team will review your submission and begin creating your design proofs. Before anything is submitted to our print shop, we will send you a low resolution proof of the final design including watermarks (these will not appear in the final product). We ask that you look these over and let us know what you think.  Our design staff will make any necessary changes and you will have the opportunity to approve the final design before anything goes to print.

Once we have received your approval on the final proof, we will require you to pay the balance in full before we print your order.  When your order is complete, it will be shipped directly to you.  This process will take about six weeks and the clock begins running when we receive your initial 50% deposit after we have reviewed and accepted your order submission, so be sure to plan ahead. 

Thanks again for considering Madness Unwatched LLC.