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Planning A Hockey Themed Wedding

Hockey Themed Wedding on IceFans of the National Hockey League can certainly appreciate the prospect of a hockey themed wedding. Non-traditional? Yes. But if hockey is a part of your life and the life of your significant other, why not celebrate your most special day with accents of your favorite sport surrounding you. We can help with a variety of personalized products including our custom printed hockey pucks that can be given out to guests as wedding favors. 

An NHL hockey themed wedding can take on many incarnations, it can be fairly informal if the bride and groom prefer a less traditional celebration or it can take on a refreshing elegance with the sport of hockey serving as a backdrop for your special day. Deciding to have a NHL hockey themed wedding doesn't necessarily mean that you incorporate the gruff, primal nature of the sport, it can mean that you accent your wedding day with some of the more refined props that make the sport of professional hockey so appealing. You'll also find that by incorporating a sports theme, you will be planning an occasion that your guests will remember and talk about for many years. Having a themed wedding, although not necessarily traditional, is unique and your wedding guests will appreciate your departure from the norm. The hockey theme certainly sets the tone for a full and interesting day that they will remember for a long time.

To get you started on your planning, we'd like to suggest considering a NHL hockey themed wedding invitation. Our custom wedding invitations are designed to look like tickets to your favorite professional NHL team or college team. Using team color combinations and sometimes a customer supplied gameday ticket stub, we can craft a unique wedding invitation that's sure to impress your guest list. If you're interested in taking the hockey themed wedding motif even further from the print media perspective, we also offer a NHL hockey themed wedding program that's designed in the mold of a professional hockey gameday program. All of the information about your wedding ceremony and wedding

reception are seamlessly conveyed in a multipage, full color program that includes personal photos and even your wedding party positioned on an ice rink set as the starting lineup. Your guests will be floored as they flip through the most unique wedding program they've ever seen.

Stanley Cup Chocolate fountain

Once you have the NHL hockey themed wedding invitations and wedding programs decided upon, there's lots of other odd and ends that will require your attention as well. Feel free to page through the rest of our website for some additional ideas or send us some of your own. To get you started, the following bullets contain some ideas we've pulled together to assist you in planning your hockey themed wedding:

  • Hockey Themed Ceremony Locations: Some pro hockey arenas offer a wedding ceremony option; a local ice rink in town can be another possibility for the ceremony.
  • Unique Guestbook Ideas: Guests can sign a customized white hockey jersey, a goalie mask, or a pair of crossed hockey sticks painted white in color that you can have as a keepsake from your wedding day.  A team flag can also make for a great guestbook.
  • Hockey Wedding Cake: Design your wedding cake in the shape of Lord Stanley's Cup or a giant hockey puck.

  • Wedding Favors: Hockey pucks hand signed by the bride and groom, mini plastic goalie masks with your wedding date and logo, engraved hockey stick shaped pens, custom-printed hockey pucks or solid chocolate hockey pucks wrapped in foil all make great giveaways.
  • For the Groomsmen: engraved pilsner glasses, personalized hockey pucks
  • Wedding Photos: Wedding photos can be taken at your local ice hockey rink, be sure to incorporate your team logo and hockey equipment into the photos.  Sometimes a photo can be accented by some unique accessories.  For example, have the Groomsmen wear team socks and pull up their pantlegs for one photo or team logo undershirts that are revealed in a photo by bridesmaids ripping open their shirts standing behind them.
  • Have your guests along the aisle stand in line and create an archway of hockey sticks during the recessional for the wedding party to walk through as you exit the church.  Makes for a great photo!
  • Rent a Stanley Cup Chocolate fountain for your guests using mini hockey sticks to dip fresh fruit and cake pieces into the flowing chocolate.
  • For more Hockey Themed Wedding Ideas, follow our Hockey Wedding Pinterest Page.