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Planning A Football Themed Wedding

Planning Your Football Themed WeddingPersonalizing your wedding experience doesn't always have to abide by traditional methods. For some couples, their love of NFL football is something they want to incorporate into their special day.  America's favorite past-time is celebrated by millions of people nationwide on Saturdays and Sundays each year during the fall months. As families and friends hunker together around T.V. sets dressed in NFL garb, munching on game-day snacks and rejoicing for their favorite teams, the joy and excitement of pro or college football can be channeled into a memorable experience on your wedding day, and we have just the right football wedding ideas for you.

Guests attending your NFL football themed wedding will be amazed by the creativity and thought you put into the event. With all the right details, your NFL football themed wedding can be the talk of your social circle for many years. There are several elements to consider when creating your football theme, such as the location of the reception, the color scheme, decorations and even the type of wedding vows you plan to use.

In the end, the impact of a NFL football themed wedding boils down to the imagination of the couple involved. If both individuals are equally passionate about the sport, your wedding will have a good chance of turning out the way you want it to. During your creative process, try not to be put off by those who are entrenched in preserving formalities and rituals of the traditional wedding. If executed properly, a football themed wedding can be a eye-opening event that capitalizes on the vitality and valor of the sport all the while maintaining an air of classy, artistic, and intelligent flavor.

Allow us to provide you with inspiration for excellent football wedding theme ideas to begin with. The presentation of the wedding's printed brochures and other related printed media will need an energetic touch. Our graphic artists can bring your ideas to life in some spectacular ways. Invitations to the wedding can be crafted into tickets that look like they're for a big game, maybe the Super Bowl. Add in some wedding programs molded into the

design of a football gameday program, and you will have taken two mighty steps toward establishing the charm of your custom-made football theme. Our football themed wedding program design involves the guests in your wedding party as the starting line-up on your favorite professional football team. Please feel free to provide us with photos and other relevant media for the occasion. It is our goal to make sure your wedding is jam packed with each and every detail you feel will will ensure that game-winning touchdown. We can also create ticket-style Save the Dates for those couples that prefer the traditional wedding invitation.  With a talented group of in-house designers, the possibilities are endless.

In moving along with your NFL football themed wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and wedding programs, the execution of a well planned, well crafted, and widely applauded football theme means drawing upon many elements of the game into your preparations for the day. Try some of these ideas for inspiration in planning your football themed wedding:

  • Football Themed Ceremony Locations: A local football field may have the option to request a wedding service. You might also check into public school football fields as possible options.  Pro and college stadiums also allow access to the field for private events or private tours, these can be options for your wedding ceremony or reception as well.
  • Unique Guestbook Ideas: Guests can sign a customized football jersey, regulation-sized NFL Football, or a combination of the two that you can frame as keepsakes from your wedding day.
  • Astro Turf Aisle Runner:  Something to think about, certainly not for everyone, but imagine pulling out an astroturf aisle runner with all the yard markers painted in white.  Now that's classy!
  • Football Wedding Photos: One way to guarantee a truly memorable wedding experience would be to take your wedding photos at your local football field, NFL or college stadium. Be sure to add in related items such as team football helmets, penalty flags, and the football itself.  Ask for access to the locker room and main concourse for additional photo opportunities.  Sometimes a photo can be accented by some unique accessories.  Be sure to have some photo ideas ready before your wedding day, don't depend soley on the photography for creative ideas.  See some photo ideas here.
  • Tailgate Appetizers: Serve tailgating food as appetizers during the reception that reflect the types of food served during football games such as nachos, game-day themed burgers, touchdown themed hot dogs and bratwursts, etc.

  • Introductions and Fight Song: The wedding party can be introduced like the starting lineup of a pro team before game time including height, weight and city of origin information.  Your team fight song should also play a prominent role in the entertainment throughout the evening.
  • Check out the Football Rose, roses made from football leather that include a set of mini white laces on each rose.  They make excellent accessories for wedding reception centerpieces and bouquets and are available for groomsman boutonnieres as well.
  • Custom printed terrible towels can make for an interesting wedding reception entrance as a sports announcer introduces the wedding party.