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Find a Wedding Photographer

Part of the wedding planning process is trying to find a reputable photographer to capture your special day on film. As you begin interviewing prospective professionals, deciding on the right one is extremely important. Your wedding day memories are precious and if you’ve chosen to have a sports themed wedding, you’re gong to want to be sure that the person charged with capturing these moments actually knows what they’re doing.

I’m sure by now there are plenty of amateur photographers that have crept up out of the woodwork once they heard you were getting married … family, friends, that crazy uncle who decided to start up a his own photography business. Some of these options might represent a less expensive route, but do you really want to leave it to chance that the photos will turn out right?

In my own experience, I’ve come to understand that there’s a big difference between a professional photographer and someone who clicks the shutter on digital camera. A professional photographer understands light and shadow. He/she understands angle, focus, and clarity and how these elements will affect the finished work. Through a wealth of experience, built up over several years, professional wedding photographers can make shot recommendations and position your wedding party naturally. They know what poses work best and how to get the most out your wedding party in the digital medium. Finally, a professional wedding photographer will craft a well rounded account of your wedding day that tells the full story of your union. Your lovable Uncle Alfred may be able to press the button on his fifteen hundred dollar digital camera, but he falls far short of what can be achieved by a pro.

Before you meeting with your photographer of choice, be sure to have some ideas in mind for wedding photos that you want them to take.  We've included the photos below as examples of the types of photos you might want on you wedding day.

Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding Photo Example - Super Hero Groomsman
Wedding Photo Example - Baseball Dugout
Wedding Photo Example - Baseball Vows
Wedding Photo Example - Pitcher's Mound
Wedding Photo Example - Baseball Bat Archway Wedding Photo Example - Wedding Party in Stands
At, we are constantly working with professional wedding photographers who provide a lot of the images we use on the face of our wedding ticket invitations and for the wedding programs that we create. Although we cannot necessarily recommend a professional wedding photographer to you, we can provide a list of professional photographers that you might choose to interview in your area. Feel free to contact any of the wedding photographers listed below as you begin your search and be sure to mention us at
Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX
Shannon Cunningham Photography

Baltimore, MD
Jason Prezant Photography

Boston, MA

Buffalo, NY

Charlotte, NC
Carolyn Scott Photography
Cleveland, OH
David Corey Photography

Columbus, OH
808 Studios - Mason, OH

Denver, CO

Detroit, MI
Christopher Belli Photography

Houston, TX
Jessica Pledger Wedding Photography

Jacksonville, FL

Las Vegas, NV
Emily Ku Photography

Los Angeles, CA
Liz Wang Photography
Memphis, TN
Kevin Barre Photography

Milwaukee, WI


Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN

Amber Engfer Photography

Ron Wood Photography & Video

New Orleans, LA

New York, NY

Pittsburgh, PA
Sweet Pea Photography
Bob Abramson Photography

Salt Lake City, UT

San Diego, CA

San Francisco, CA


St. Louis, MO

Tampa, FL

Washington, D.C.

Granted, there are exceptions to every rule and amateur photographers can get lucky every once in a while, but in my opinion the quality of your wedding photos are not worth the risk. In order to save some money, my wife and I actually hired the cheapest “professional” wedding photographer that we could find and it shows. Our photographer did not understand how to compensate for light and dark when shooting indoors. As a result, even though I had pulled some strings to have our wedding photos taken inside our local NFL Stadium, they turned out very poorly. Most of our photos were out of focus and they were very dark. I regret going with this particular photographer to this day, but I guess you get what you pay for.

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