Sports Themed Weddings

Accessorize Your Sports Theme

Custom College Football Wedding Ticket Invitations At Madness Unwatched LLC, we've developed an exceptional compliment of sports themed wedding invitations and accessories (football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer) that we can offer to sports fans who are also interested in a custom designed product for their wedding day.  Please take a moment to click through our Polaroid Photo Product icons on the left to get more information on the products we offer.  

Also, please be advised that due to the copyright regulations of professional sports leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, or NCAA we are unable to use the logos of any professional sports teams associated with these leagues.  If however you can obtain special permission to use the trademarked logo for the purposes of your designing your order, written permission that comes directly from the organization, and you can submit this permission to us, we'll be happy to work the logo into your design.

To begin the process of developing your customized product, go to each individual product page and click on the "Get a Quote" Post-It.  You will be prompted to fill in the information requested and after submitting the form, one of our representatives will follow up with a quotation.

Once you have received your quote and you're ready to place an order, go back to the individual product page and this time click on the "Place and Order" Post-it.  Download and fill in the appropriate order form, then submit the form, including any digital photos that are needed to complete you order.  Next, follow the instructions included in the e-mail from us to submit your 50% deposit via to begin the proof production process. 

Your product proofs will be sent via e-mail for your approval within two weeks.   We ask that you look these over and provide any necessary changes.  Once we have settled on a final design, you will provide your final approval in writing via e-mail prior to printing.  Once we have received your approval on the final proof, we will require you to pay the balance in full before we print your order.  When your order is complete, it will be shipped directly to you.  This process will take about six weeks and the clock begins when we receive your initial 50% deposit.