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Planning A College Themed Wedding

More and more couples are choosing to deviate from traditional wedding options and instead are planning more unique, custom wedding themes. These offer a great way to express the personality of both the bride and the groom, and will give guests something to talk about for a long time after the wedding is over . Having a college themed wedding is a unique and fun wedding theme that will bring back lots of great memories for those in attendance, and will be a great way to celebrate something that meant so much to the married couple. A college themed wedding has a great deal of options with which to work with to accessorize your wedding and really make it your own.

College Football Wedding Theme

If the bride and groom met at their college, having a college themed wedding is a great way to incorporate the story of how they met, and the early part of their relationship. Pictures of their favorite locations on campus can be incorporated into the decorations, as well as memorabilia from their favorite restaurants and hang outs. Obviously the college's colors should be prominent throughout the wedding, in addition to the college mascot and fight song.

If college sports were important to the couple, there are many ways to incorporate the various sports teams into the college wedding theme. For example, football fans might incorporate football jerseys from some of the stars who were the team while they were in college. NCAA College football themed decorations can also help to liven up the wedding reception and ceremony. As long as these items are used as accessories in your wedding planning, the elegance of the ceremony doesn't have to be compromised.

If the couple went to different colleges, both colleges might be worked into the theme as well. This can be especially fun if the colleges were rivals, as rival colors and logos can really help to liven up a wedding reception. Such decorations can be a humorous way to incorporate both the bride and the groom's rival college allegiances into the wedding ceremony and wedding reception locations.

There are many ways to make the wedding theme personal, as well. One way is to create wedding invitations in the mold of the bride and groom's alma mater. This provides a more sentimental, meaningful way to stay true to the college theme and really looks to bring the wedding theme together. It adds depth to the theme, and provides a meaningful memento for all who receive the invitation.

Planning a college theme as part of your wedding is a great way for couples who'd like to do something different, but aren't quite sure exactly what they should do. A college theme allows for a great deal of self expression and freedom in choosing just what to do to incorporate a couple's alma mater into their big day. A college wedding theme is also a great way to bring back old memories. Many of your guests will enjoy looking back on their college own experiences while at your wedding as well. Celebrating with the bride and groom in this way will allow friends and family to relive fun filled evenings, romantic memories, and many of the other great times they had in college.

To start planning the your College Themed Wedding, we have put together a few creative ideas to help you during the brainstorming process:

  • Guest Tables - Name Them: Assign names to the guest tables at your reception rather than issuing table numbers. Your can use the names of campus buildings or dormatories or the names of famous alumni.
  • Unique Guestbook Ideas: White leather game signature game balls or University flags can make for some excellent guest books that can be put on display in your new home.
  • Arrange to have your wedding photos taken on campus at the football field or basketball court. Sometimes a photo can be accented by some unique accessories. For example, have the Groomsmen wear team socks and pull up their pantlegs for one photo or team logo undershirts that are revealed in a photo by bridesmaids ripping open their shirts standing behind them.
  • Be sure to use your College Fight Song and colors prominently throughout the wedding day.