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Planning A Baseball Themed Wedding

So you've decided to go a bit of the more non-traditional route and plan a baseball themed wedding, we think that's a fantastic idea! A themed wedding allows the bride and groom to personalize their wedding day experience in a way that allows for inclusion of something meaningful to you both that can be a welcomed departure from the norm. Guests attending your baseball themed wedding will marvel at the small touches you incorporate into your baseball theme including wedding ceremony or reception locations, your wedding vows, or the decorations that become part of your day to pull the baseball theme together. These small touches tend to put your guests at ease allowing them to quickly feel more comfortable and participate in the baseball fan experience you're looking to provide. Some might think that having a sports themed wedding means that you sacrifice the formality of the occasion or compromise on the sanctity of the ritual. We disagree. We believe that if planned properly, a baseball themed wedding can be an elegant affair that draws on the baseball theme throughout the day without being too overbearing. It all depends on the vision of the married couple and in which direction they decide to go.

MLB Baseball Wedding Theme

If you're flipping through this website, you're no doubt looking for some inspiration or some great baseball themed wedding ideas to help you get started. The first hurdle you'll have to overcome is the look and feel of the printed media for your wedding. We're talking about wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and wedding programs, that's our forte. We have a creative staff of graphic artists that can bring your vision to life. A baseball themed save the

date or a wedding invitation that's designed to look like a ticket from your local ballpark is a great start. Couple that with a wedding program in the mold of a gameday program, and you're well on your way to establishing the look and feel of your baseball theme. Our baseball themed wedding program design incorporates the people in your wedding party as starters on your favorite professional baseball team. They're listed at the starting positions on a baseball field diagram and the program itself draws on baseball themed graphics, text, and fonts to leave your guests with the impression that they're in for a day at the ballpark. We use your photos and ideas to craft a program and invitation package that's personal and unique.

Beyond the Baseball themed wedding invitations, ticket-style save-the-dates and wedding programs, pulling off an elegantly accented baseball theme means drawing several facets of the game into your preparations for the day. Try some of these ideas for inspiration in planning your baseball themed wedding:

  • Baseball Themed Locations: Some pro ballparks offer a wedding ceremony or wedding reception option for their fans; a local baseball diamond in town can also be a possibility for the wedding ceremony.  Just make a few phone calls or send an e-mail inquiry.  You might be surprised how easy it can be to arrange for the perfect location if you just ask the right questions.
  • Unique Guestbook Ideas: Guests can sign a customized baseball jersey, regulation-sized home plate or base bag, personalized baseball bat (Louisville Slugger), or a combination of the these items that you can frame as keepsakes from your wedding day.
  • Peanuts and Crackjacks: Serve ballpark themed foods as appetizers such as mini ballpark franks, soft pretzels with mustard, Coke in classic glass bottles, or roasted peanuts. Miniature customized crackerjack boxes are also available online.  These familiar foods really unify the baseball theme.
  • Wedding Favors: Custom Embossed Baseballs hand signed by the bride and groom, mini plastic baseball helmets or catcher's mitts with your wedding date and logo, mini boxes of Cracker Jacks and roasted peanuts, engraved baseball bat shaped pens, personalized mini baseball bats, custom made pennants, custom rally towels.  Take a look at the MLB cookies in Stadium shaped tins from the Cooperstown Cookie Company.  There's lots of options out there, just be creative and look around.
  • For the Groomsmen:  Baseball cufflinks, engraved pilsner glasses, custom baseball bats from the Louisville Slugger Factory.

  • Wedding Photos:Wedding photos can be taken at your local pro ballpark or any baseball diamond, be sure to incorporate your team logo, roasted peanuts, and Cracker Jacks into the photos.  Sometimes a photo can be accented by some unique accessories.  For some unique photo ideas, click here.
  • Have your guests along the aisle stand in line and create an archway of baseball bats during the recessional for the wedding party to walk through as you exit the church.  Makes for a great photo!
  • Check out these Baseball Roses, roses made from baseball leather.  They also make great boutonnieres for groomsmen and fathers.
  • For more Baseball Themed Wedding Ideas, follow our Baseball Wedding Pinterest Page.